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Woodvilla Homes has redefined townhouse living. We partner with Victoria’s leading property developers to meet their needs for affordable housing solutions without compromising on quality, location or space. Find a Townhouses for sale Melbourne that fits your lifestyle. Register now. We will send you the Townhomes information pack.

Check out the townhouse designs that Melbourne locals believe are unrivalled

Why Clients Trust Woodvilla Homes to Deliver The Investment Property Or Townhouses for sale Melbourne Of Their Dreams Thanks To A Creative Designer And Experienced Professionals, We Have Over 18 Years Of His Best I’ve been doing my best. We offer a wide variety of townhouse designs with different floor plans and facade options. Each spacious terrace house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a guest toilet, a designer kitchen with butler’s pantry, and a spacious living area. Outdoor areas include a covered outdoor area, expansive backyard, driveway, and landscaping..

Reasons to choose a Townhouse for sale in Melbourne

Quality Homes’ 25-year construction warranty and dedicated quality assurance program ensure that we will exceed your expectations. Build a home that creates lifelong memories.

Great location We worked with a leading property developer in Victoria to find the best location with large open spaces and close proximity to major facilities. Exceptional Service Our commitment to exceeding customer expectations is reflected in our 4.7 star rating.

Our value-for-money townhouses come with a wide range of luxurious and premium features to make your new home unique

What are the Woodvilla Homes Townhouses for sale in Melbourne?

Woodvilla Homes contemporary townhouse offer luxury amenities and plenty of space at an affordable price. The price depends on the location and size of the house. Contact us for more information on available developments. Our turnkey townhouses are in high demand and in short supply. Please contact us as soon as possible so that you don’t miss it.

Why should you choose Woodvilla Homes townhouse?

With over 18 years of experience in the residential building industry, Woodvilla Homes offers a wide range of contemporary Townhouses for sale Melbourne designs to support growing families. Our experienced team is always available to assist you in your decision-making.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, an experienced homebuyer, and builder, or unsure of which direction to take to find the perfect home, we’ve got you covered. We will meet you wherever you are. We are as excited as you are to start your brand-new home!

How do I know if a townhouse is right for me?

If you’re looking for the perfect home, you’ll likely see a variety of options with varying base prices. Affordable, top quality Townhouses for sale Melbourne accommodate open plan living and include many luxury amenities as standard. If you are unsure if one of our modern townhouse designs is right for you, feel free to visit our showhouse. They are ready to move on and reap the benefits of a low-maintenance lifestyle.

What services does Woodvilla Homes offer?

Our innovative and affordable Townhouses for sale Melbourne collection homes offer the space of large homes, premium luxury amenities and energy efficiency. These spacious residences feature four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a powder room, designer kitchens with butler pantries and high-end European appliances, and spacious living rooms. Outdoor areas include a covered outdoor area, expansive backyard, driveway, and landscaping.