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Avoid cumbersome moves and expensive and dangerous renovations. When you knock down and rebuild Melbourne, you are tearing down your old home and replacing it with a new, modern, energy-efficient home.

Our team of experts will guide you through the demolition and rebuilding process, understanding what is happening at each step. We know exactly what to do, so all you have to do is think about what kind of home you want to live in.

At Woodvilla Homes, we strive to help our customers build the home they’ve always dreamed of. Our focus is to create a better life for our customers.

Demolishing an existing home and building a new one offers the best of both worlds: living where you want it and building your forever home the way you want it. Don’t be constrained by buying an established home that doesn’t meet your needs.


If your home is past its sell-by date or no longer fits your lifestyle, you have three options:

Sell ​​and move to Melbourne or renovate or knock down and rebuild Melbourne and turn it into your new home choose from a wide range of new home designs in the Affinity Collection and T-Range to suit your remodeling project.


It’s generally cheaper (per square foot) to build a new home than to extend or renovate an old one.

Melbourne and Geelong suffer from a shortage of residential areas outside the city center. Demolition and new construction are growing trends to saving families money. A knockdown and rebuild Melbourne project can give you a fresh, modern, energy-efficient home for less than a renovation project. Low risk. Knockdown rebuild is less risky than renovation.

Renovations known to run over time and budget. The biggest problem is not knowing what will appear when the floorboards are pulled up. This ‘unknown’ factor means that renovations take longer and are more likely to encounter unforeseen construction challenges. Leading to ‘hidden’ costs that exceed budget.


Choosing to tear down and rebuild means minimal disruption to your family and their daily lives. There is no need to move schools or rebuild them in new areas. Stay where you love, close to family, friends, and amenities.

QUALITY RESULTS of Knock down and rebuild Melbourne

Renovating often means having to work around and compromise existing structures. The new home designed with today’s family lifestyle in mind.

Including features such as separate family living areas and outdoor dining areas, all showcasing the latest trends in design and construction.

Choose from a wide range of new home designs from the Affinity Collection and T-Range, and get inspired by hundreds of colours, finishes, and fixtures in our award-winning Spectra showroom.


All Woodvilla homes meet the Victorian government’s 6-star energy efficiency requirements. If sustainability is important to you and you want to save money on your utility and water bills, we can work together to help you achieve an even higher energy rating or simply make your home more efficient.