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Single Storey House Designs Melbourne

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If you are considering a one storey building, there are many benefits in Single storey house Melbourne.


Single storey house Melbourne are typically low maintenance and don’t have to accommodate bulky stairs, making the most of open plan living space. A one storey house is usually cheaper than a two storey house. It generally appeals to a broader market reach, so resale value may also be higher.


Woodvilla Homes has over 80 stunning single storey home designs melbourne to choose from. Whether style, functionality, quality or cost is what matters most to you, there is sure to be a home design that meets all your criteria.


At Woodvilla Homes, we believe that no matter what your budget, you should never compromise on quality. That is why we have developed a unique range of stylish single storey house designs melbourne that meet only the highest quality standards at reasonable prices. Our wide range of storey house designs melbourne makes it easy to own a beautiful new home regardless of your budget.


Offers her single-story homes of all sizes, from a compact 15sqm to a sprawling 43sqm. With so many storey house designs melbourne to choose from, there’s a design that fits perfectly in every lot width and size, including corner blocks. Our single storey house designs melbourne can also be flipped to complement block orientation, bring out the best in a particular aspect, or enhance natural light.


Single Storey Homes

Single storey homes designs Melbourne are gaining in popularity as a choice for those who want to live in a single-level home. This style is becoming more popular as people prefer smaller spaces and more independence. Though there are many different single storey house designs Melbourne, the basic principle is the same: the home has one or two levels and is built on a rectangular platform.


In conclusion, Woodvilla homes has a great range of single storey house designs Melbourne that are perfect for any budget. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect home for your needs. If you’re looking for a stylish and affordable home, Melbourne is definitely the city for you.


Single Storey