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Welcome to Woodvilla Homes, where we’ve crafted beautiful single-story houses that are both stylish and affordable. It’s time to turn your dream of a new home into reality!

Our team of experts has created a variety of floor plans to suit different budgets, and the best part is, you can customise them to fit your needs. Whether you have a small or wide lot, our single-story homes, ranging from 22 square metres, can be designed to match your location.

What makes our homes special? Well, every Woodvilla single-story home includes top-notch features and finishes, all at a clear and reasonable price. Plus, we offer a 7-year structural guarantee and a 6-month maintenance warranty to ensure your home is perfect for years to come.

Let’s work together to create the luxury home you’ve always wanted. Explore our single-story homes at Woodvilla today!

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